Mansi & Ravi

W e ' r e   g e t t i n g   m a r r i e d

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10 . DEC . 2017

Happy Couple

The groom

Mr. Ravi Vora

Name Mr. Ravi Vora
Father Mr. Navin Vora
Mother Mrs. Sumita Vora
Date of birth 16/02/1990

I am feeling happy with my love Mansi. Thanks for choosing me and entering in my life. I was expecting to have a life partner like Mansi. She is beautiful, kind and hardworking. Everytime she has enthusiasm to do something attractive that looks different from others. It is fun to live with her. Every day that passes by, makes my love for her grow even stronger. I Love her now and I'll Love her even more tomorrow.

The bride

Mansi Patel

Name Mansi Patel
Father Mr. Chandresh Patel
Mother Mrs. Geeta Patel
Brother Mr. Dharmil Patel
Date of birth 19/08/1993

I just want to say, Mom and Dad, "THANK YOU for all your love and support. Honesty, truth, compassion, kindness and how to care for people, I will never forget this lesson which you have taught me from childhood." I am yours stronger princess. And I mean it. Ravi, "I take you to be my BEST FRIEND, my faithful partner, and my one true LOVE. I promise to encourage you & inspire you and to Love you truly through good times and bad. I will FOREVER be there to LAUGH with you to lift you up when you are down and to love you unconditionally through all of our adventures in life together."

We are waiting for..... The big day

Our love story

First meet

1st January, 2017

We had received bio data and some pics from both side. After some days on 1st of January, we met, we spoke for a little while about hobbies, career and expectations of both of us, our parents liked us and each other’s families.

We Said, "Yes"!

14th January, 2017

After some days we met again at CCD and talked about future expectations and decision about the next step to a new journey. We said "YES". So finally, We were soon bonding over the pendas (sweets), so yes, it was 'Mubarak ho' time for our families.

First Date

27th January, 2017

After accepted proposal from both families we met for cloth shopping for Jal Ceremony. We had gone for a first date at chocolate café, tasted a yummy brownie. And in last we had gone for sweet couple walk and talk.

Jal Ceremony

5th February, 2017

On this day, we had a Jal ceremony in Jamnagar in the presence of our beloved ones. After that we went to Lakhota lake which is located in the center of the Jamnagar city. To make that day memorable, we took some Photographs and enjoyed the lovely atmosphere.


14th February, 2017

On this day, I sent a surprise gift to Mansi with red roses and a teddy bear at her office, as she likes surprises. She was so happy because She never thought about this kind of surprise. Similarly, at 16th, on My birthday, She sent surprise gift, flowers, cakes and chocolates to me at midnight around 12:00.


28th May, 2017

On 28th May, we have engagement day. Both had proposed to each other posing with dropped down one knee in the presence of our family members. At last we were about to leaving from engagement place, suddenly I came back again and surprised her. At the same time she was expecting this surprise from me so that we can spend some time with each other. After meeting her again we had taken a tour of some interesting places in my hometown. Amazing day it was...

We are going to... Celebrate Our Love

Wedding events

Mandap Muhurat

  • Saturday, 09 December 2017   (4.00 PM)
  • Sardarnagar Comunity hall, Near Patel boarding, Rajkot.

Dandiya Rass (Sangit)

  • Saturday, 09 December 2017   (9.00 PM)
  • Hotel "Aji The View", Near Aji Dem Chowkdi, Rajkot.

Wedding ceremony

  • Sunday, 10 December 2017   (8.00 AM)
  • Shree Keshavji Arjan Leuva Patel Samaj, Block No 1, Ranjitnagar, Jamnagar.


  • Sunday, 10 December 2017   (8.00 PM)
  • Hotel Rangoli Park, Kalavad Road, Rajkot.

Together with our Parents, We invite you to share in the joy of beginning our new life together as we exchange vows.